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Abigail Phelps- Native Language: Reviving Patawomeck

Learning a second language doesn’t come easily to everyone. Memorizing grammar and vocabulary is often an intimidating task. But imagine trying to learn a language that has not been spoken for over one hundred years. This is precisely what Garry … Continue reading

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Abigail Phelps-Life Lessons from Artifact Photography

In my time at the university’s archaeology lab, I’ve learned just how diversified archaeology work can be. While a lot of lab work is computer-based, including research and data entry, some lab work is very hands-on. Although I was familiar … Continue reading

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Abigail Phelps-If at First You Don’t Succeed: Type, Type Again!

An archaeological lab can be a fascinating place to work. Much of my time in lab has been spent taking heaps of dirty, unidentified artifacts from an excavation and making them clean, labeled, and carefully stored. In the midst of … Continue reading

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