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Shannon Bremer- CaMa CeskCaMei: The Revitalization of the Powhatan Language

CaMa CeskCaMei. Garry TaPaKo KwaNGaTaRask (Night Owl) began his lesson with this simple phrase. In the Powhatan language, it means “Greetings all friends.” While Garry Cooper, the language instructor from the Patawomeck Tribe, has become the main teacher of the … Continue reading

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Shannon Bremer- One Man’s Trash…

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, that can certainly be said for archaeologists who spend endless days digging at archaeological sites looking for the things that were left behind by people of the past. But there … Continue reading

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Shannon Bremer- Hygiene and the Civil War

I recently presented a research paper at the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference this past March in Virginia. My paper focused on health and hygiene related artifacts recovered from a nearby Civil War era Union encampment in Stafford County, Virginia. More … Continue reading

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